The weekend project

I've always wanted to build something meaningful. I tried to come up with an original idea, the "next big thing".

But like many other developers, I would start a project, create a GitHub repo, write code for a day, and get bored!

I think I've finally realised that what I care about is not really building the next big thing, it's just learning something new.

And now I have tons of open source GitHub repos that don't really go anywhere and don't really do anything more than a very small prototype.

So I decided to make them official "weekend projects", and here I am with this "weekend project" project. 😅

What's a weekend project?

So first, let's define the rules. What is a weekend project?

I want to emphasize on the fact that it doesn't really mean "I wrote this over a weekend", but that's when I usually write my side projects!

How does it work?

For each public GitHub repository that you consider a "weekend project", add this line in the readme:


This will add the following badge to your README:


Now, if you want to display the number of weekend projects you have, I've also written a route that returns a fancy SVG! 💄

weekend list

To add it to your README, you can use this:

[![weekend list](](

You might have noticed that this code includes a link to yet another route (/list): this is a very raw (but convenient) HTML page displaying all your weekend projects, accessible when you click on the image 😊